Cyndy is a true professional... Very knowledgeable, diligent, approachable, straight-forward and peer-respected. If you need professional investigative help, I highly recommend her.

Spencer S.

I had a wonderful experience with this PI. She was attentive to my needs while assisting with my domestic case. She was quick to respond and was available when I needed her. My overall experience was excellent as she proved very helpful to my case. Her testimony in court was professional and her documentation was excellent.


Amazing Investigators - My husband and I used these ladies during a child custody case. They provided us as well as the court very detailed reports, photos and video of there findings. They were very professional and came prepared to testify in court at our custody hearing. I would highly recommend these ladies to anyone, and have to many friends. On a side note we won full custody!

Barbara S.

I would recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a hard working and honest company. I recently used the services of Tarheel Investigations while going through my divorce. They were able to get me the information I needed and much more. Thanks again for all your hard work.

Erin G.

Concord, NC

"When I realized that my son's spouse was acting very strangely and being concerned for my grandchildren, I called TarHeel Investigations blindly. Within 24 hours we knew where she was and what she was doing! Within 48 hours we had pictures! These were provided to our attorney and two weeks later my son had full custody of the children. These ladies are mothers and grandmothers and know and feel the pain that goes with these situations. I would highly recommend them to anyone, anywhere. They are wonderful!!!"

Valerie N.

Greensboro, NC

"I love the idea of a female working my case-they are able to get in places that it is hard for a male to get. They obviously are not threatening, and people automatically want to trust them and help them. They got the job done right."

Suzie K.

China Grove, NC

"My wife and I hired Tarheel Investigations after using another investigative company. We had spent so much money on the other company and got absolutely nothing. Our Attorney mentioned the hard work they do for their firm with excellent results. Our pockets were almost empty after our bad experience with the other investigators, but we trust our lawyer. We borrowed some money from family, paid Tarheel and the documentation they got saved us tens of thousands in court."

Mike G.

Salisbury, NC

"I like the idea of hiring a female Investigator because I know women are ruthless-they leave no stone unturned, and they are so detailed oriented. Trying to catch my wife with her boyfriend wasn't easy, but who better to catch a female than a female who knows their thought process. I was completely impressed with the way the agent kept us informed along the course of the case and promptly returned phone calls."

Mike M.

Concord, NC

"I have known the owner of Tarheel for over 12 years. She was conducting undercover investigations for our company years ago. We had a terrible problem with shrink at our store. Her investigative skills and intuition not only uncovered the thieves, but uncovered drug issues among employees as well. We had a much larger problem than we suspected. Her hard work saved us from issues we didn't even know existed. I will definitely call on her again."

Fortune 500 Company

Winston-Salem, NC

Wonderful experience with this company! Very professional and knowledgeable in all aspects of this field.

Ashle K