Frequently Asked Questions

1) Q: How much will the investigation cost?

A: I tell my clients it is based on the hours worked, the miles driven and the way the case unfolds as to what they can expect to spend. Each client is provided with a "ball park" figure.

2) Q: If you catch my husband/wife/significant other with someone, will you call me right away and let me know where they are?

A: No-an emphatic NO! It jeopardizes everyone’s safety and the case as well. Most clients want to be helpful. We appreciate their help- in a verbal manner- we do not want anyone out there while we are on the case conducting their own investigation.

3) Q: How long is it going to take before you catch them?

A: If I knew that, I could tell you how much the case would cost upfront. There are numerous variables (which we will be more than happy to discuss with you) that have direct bearing on the time it may take.

4) Q: "I don't want to hire an Investigator; I just want to know who this license tag comes back to."

A: I will tell the individual on the phone that our agency does not conduct business in that manner. We will not get you an address, a tag number or the phone number of anyone unless you are a client and we are conducting an investigation on your behalf.

5) Q: What do you do if you see some criminal activity going on while you are conducting my case?

A: We will notify Law Enforcement immediately.

6) Q: If a client needs documentation for an upcoming court case and they have "put off" hiring an Investigator until the last minute-can we get the job done?

A: All investigations take time to develop. Unforeseen circumstances can literally stop an investigation indefinitely. We will conduct your case and do the best job we can do as long as the client understands they may not get the documentation they are looking for in a short period of time.