Domestic Cases

These investigations are very sensitive and personal matters, often complicated by the potential for embarrassment and betrayal. The information gained from such an investigation can be devastating, but so can the suspicion of wrongdoing or infidelity. Let Tarheel Investigations in Concord, NC, help you with your domestic case.

The warning signs

Do you suspect your spouse or significant other of being unfaithful? If you are getting “red flags” that something isn’t right, most likely it isn’t.

Is your spouse or significant other:
• Keeping their cell phone on them at all times?
• Using a second cell phone?
• Leaving at unannounced times?
• Going out on errands and not returning for long periods of time?
• Purchasing sexy lingerie that's not for you?

The mere thought of an unfaithful spouse is painful enough, but the stress and anxiety caused by unconfirmed suspicions can be emotionally and physically draining.

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